Care Instructions & Refresh Service

Given the lasting nature of our designs, we recommend that the flowers be kept out of direct sunlight and dusted often for optimal freshness.

Silk flowers need to be dusted as often as any other accessory in the home (like lampshades, picture frames, etc.) Use a Swiffer duster or a hair dryer set on a low, cool setting. Cool air is better since the hot air may change the form of the flower by warming the fabric. You certainly wouldn’t want your flowers to wilt!

You can use a can of compressed air (like the ones sold at office supply stores to clean computer keyboards) and blast the air into the blossoms, holding the bouquet upside down so that the dust doesn’t settle back on the flowers or faux water. The compressed air is also good for dust that has settled onto the faux water. Again, you should turn the bouquet upside down and blast the air into the vase, aiming for the top of the water.

For orchid blossoms and leaves made of latex covered fabric, use a damp cloth (with water) to wipe down the petals and leaves. Since the fabric is protected, the blossoms and leaves will not change color or form.

We guarantee our product for five years and will give your flowers a freshening up if the water happens to discolor or become cloudy. For older arrangements, we do offer different repair options and would be happy to provide you a quote.

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