Your Design

Like Mother Nature, our designers have the innate ability to coax a bloom from a tight bud and to bend an orchid stem so that it falls with natural grace from its bamboo stake

This attention to detail, combined with our choice of the finest materials, enables us to create the most beautiful bouquets and plants in the world. Our passion for floral design is captured in every step of the process...

  • Every collection starts with an inspiration board

  • And every design starts with a flower or foliage in a box

  • Glass vases are washed and planters are filled by hand

  • Fabric petals sometimes need a trim

  • But we always dip every stem so that their color stays fast in our faux water

  • Our bouquets are designed one stem at a time

  • We often need to use a bamboo grid to hold them in place

  • Orchid stems are tied to natural bamboo stakes with preserved moss and raffia, just like they are at the nursery

  • And we pour the highest quality water available – guaranteed to look fresh for years

As you can see, many hands and hearts are involved in creating our designs, and many smiles, too!



Maria Rosa